My Companies

Since a young age, I’ve had a very entrepreneurial spirit. I started out selling pencils and paper in elementary school so I could buy all the candy I wanted, started a photography business in high school, and worked as a freelance web designer and developer throughout college.

Today I’m involved in several different business ventures in varrying roles:

Oso Studio

My primary focus is on Oso Studio, a WordPress engineering and support studio. We provide custom development work for small and mid-sized businesses utilizing the WordPress platform. Oso Studio works across multiple verticals. We’ve developed solutions for leading non-profits, publicly traded companies, VC backed startups, local governments, and countless small and mid-sized businesses to develop and support WordPress to help businesses achieve their goals.

Moore + Berry

Moore + Berry is a print brokerage company. We help clients manage their end-to-end print needs to deliver exceptional value at the highest quality. By building relationships with commercial printers, we’re able to utilize excess capacity and modern digital printing to minimize the price of printing. Moore + Berry also partners with graphic designers and agencies to manage the print process for their clients.

WP Fueled

WP Fueled is a website starter kit to help small businesses accelerate their growth by throwing fuel on the fire. WP Fueled reduces the cost barrier for small business websites by using pre-built templates and overlaying customized graphics and branding. WP Fueled offers a one-stop shop solution that includes managed hosting, backups, and updates so that all our clients have to do is focus on serving their new customers.

FoodTruck WP

FoodTrcuk WP is a WordPress based website builder designed with the needs of food truck, mobile vendors, and small restaurant owners in mind. After working with food truck and restaurant owners for years to develop the platform, we feel that FoodTruck WP is the best solution on the market offering menu management, online ordering, email list building, private event booking, and more features that are invaluable to mobile and small restaurants.